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Your essential woodworking machine tools

Woodworking machines tools are made for cutting and drilling precisely. Power tools come in different sizes according the type of work one will be carrying out. The following power tools are the most suited fine woodworking machines that are designed for use in woodworking.

Miter Saw

A power miter saw  is an essential tool for almost any type of carpentry work. It allows you to make perfectly accurate crosscuts (90 degrees) as well as miter cuts angled to your exact specifications

Bosch GCM 10 SD



Table Saw

The table saw plays a central role in the woodworking since so many tasks can be done with it.  The table saw has typically large heavy-duty table, a solid fence and motor that can be turned on and off.




The jigsaw can be used to make both straight and curved cuts in a wide variety of materials such as wood, particleboard, plywood, plastic, metal, even ceramic tile.

DeWalt DW331

Drill press

The drillpress is a versatile woodworking machine tool that is slightly larger in size. This type of tool is more likely to found in the woodshop. It can be used to drill precise holes in wood in the traditional manner. You will have the ability to drill holes at various angles.


Band saw

The band saw is one of the easiest for cutting precise curves in wood. Apart from cutting smooth curves, it is also ideal for re sawing and cutting wide strips of wood. You can even use it to make some cuts that would typically be reserved for a radial arm saw or a table saw.


Radial Arm Saw

The One good radial arm saw can handle a number of tasks.


Wood Jointer

The wood jointer is the best power tool for milling a flat, even surface on one side of a board. It is also probably the best woodworking machine for milling a second surface perpendicular to the first edge. Jointers come in various shapes and sizes, but used to carry out the same tasks.


Surface Planer

When you have boards that are too thick, the tool for planing them down to the proper thickness is the surface planer. This tool will strip an even layer of stock off of the surface of a board, allowing you to ease boards of any size down to the exact thickness needed for your project.








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